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Business Class hosting at Economy Class Prices

The Ripe Group operates server clusters in two data centres in Melbourne – Primus Data Centre and Micron21 Data Centre. Both of these data centres are classed as “Tier 4 data centres” – all components are fully fault-tolerant including uplinks, storage, chillers, HVAC systems, servers etc; everything is dual-powered.

We also manage servers at NextDC in Brisbane and at Amazon Web Services.

So, why use us?

  1. We’re responsive.
    We setup virtual servers for you within 24 hours – in most cases within 2 hours.
  2. We want to help.
    Customer service is very important to us, so we won’t treat you like a number.
  3. We’re reliable.
    We use only the best hardware (DELL/HP for the servers, QNAP/Synology for the network storage), the most redundant networks, and the most qualified staff to ensure that your server stays up and running.
  4. We’re a REAL hosting provider.
    We don’t resell hosting from another company. We own all of our hardware and have a hardware replacement policy to ensure we have the latest servers.
  5. We protect your data:
    Managed Firewalls, Managed DNS and Managed Backups are all included. You don’t have to worry about that accidentally deleted file – we’ll have it on our backup servers.
  6. We only have Australian Based Servers.
    All our servers are located in Australia. You have no issues with data sovereignty.

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