Rudi Tendi

I am originally from Indonesia (Jakarta to be more precise). I had my Bachelor degree in Computing combined from Indonesia and Australia (Perth, WA). I spent a year of my bachelor in Perth, which is a beautiful city. Then I moved to Melbourne to take my master degree in IT. It turns out that I like Melbourne more. Love the city, love the crowd, love all the things here.

When I am at work, I enjoy working on technical issues, especially dealing with network, servers, application and desktop issues. Since there is a variety of clients that I need to deal with every day, working on different issues on different systems on frequent basis makes work very interesting. The fun parts are to keep learning on new things and technologies, meeting new people and always getting up to date with IT news.

And what do I like when I am away from work?

I love eating great food. My weekends are usually committed with trying new restaurants/ cafes along with best mates. Having scramble eggs with bacon in the sunshine will be my ideal weekend relaxation time. And, YES OF COURSE I don’t forget you, Coffee. Hunting for the best coffee in town is my job other than The Ripe Group :-). I usually hang around in CBD, South Melbourne and Hawthorn areas, they have great restaurants and cafes, plus I like wandering around in CBD, most likely visiting JB hifi, Harvey Norman and other gadget shops (hope it doesn’t sound like a weirdo).

Movies, movies and movies. My weekend is not complete yet without watching a movie. I love watching any kind of movies. Lots of visual effects combined with comedy usually make a perfect Saturday movie for me.

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