Rick Pearson

Rick Pearson studied Maths & Computer Science at Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology and started work at Campbell & Cook in developing an in-house language for programming superannuation administration systems (the Co-Cam language). He developed superannuation administration systems and personnel systems, most notably a personnel administration system for Coles-Myer. In 1982 he went to England to establish the Co-Cam U.K. office, which was a joint venture with a U.K. actuarial company – Lane, Clarke & Peacock. During his three and a half years Rick designed, developed and implemented an integrated pension, payroll and personnel administration package (the ‘i’ system) which counted as major clients Royal Insurance plc, British Petroleum and RTZ plc.

On return to Australia in 1986, he designed and developed the SuperB superannuation administration system, which is still being marketed and supported by PMSA and manages approximately 1.5 million superannuation members. Keystone clients for the SuperB system are CRA, and William M Mercer. He designed and developed the Workforce personnel and payroll administration system. The payroll processing component of Workforce was used by the State Superannuation Board of Victoria to pay 180,000 pensioners each fortnight.

In 1992, Rick was approached to develop a superannuation administration system for Jardine CMG Life Insurance in Hong Kong. While in Hong Kong, government delays in the tabling of the legislation meant that this would not proceed, so a Group Life and Group Medical Insurance system was proposed and developed. This was completed ahead of schedule and budget, and was developed in Informix 4GL on DG Unix. The system was developed with multi-currency and multi-lingual capabilities. This system required complete infrastructure development of the JCMG office, implementing Novell and Unix servers, wide area networks to Australia for email, and fax servers.

On return to Australia in 1994, Rick left Co-Cam to consult, and established the systems infrastructure for Tele-Sell Marketing, a call centre bureau specialising in outbound customer contact. Within three months of developing the systems, the business had grown by 200%.

In 1995, Rick joined County NatWest Investment Management as Project Manager for their Retail Funds Management system where he was responsbile for the systems that managed the portfolios of 15,000 investors.

In 1996, Rick was lured back to Tele-Sell Marketing to develop a ‘state of the art’ call centre, specialising in all aspects of customer contact – inbound via an ACD (Automatic Call Distributor), outbound via a predictive dialler, and operator-less via an IVR. The Tele-Sell work then lead on to the development of a comprehensive CTI (Computer Telephony Integration) platform, tying in all the specialist equipment and allowing flexibility in the choice of technology on a per campaign basis. The major campaigns that were completed included company floats on behalf of a major Australian stockbroker, credit card insurance on behalf of both Australian and international financial institutions, and a number of multi-lingual campaigns for Telstra and Optus (in Greek, Italian, Vietnamese, Cantonese, Mandarin and Korean).

Rick started The Ripe Group in 1997 and initially focussed on Web Based applications specifically focussed on call centre solutions and CTI. The company soon found itself being asked more and more to develop purely web based systems – notably for Periscope Consulting (IRIS – Risk Management Software) and SafetyWorks Group (Thinksafe – Observational Behaviour Based Safety).

Also around 1999 Ripe were approached to develop a high volume web site for Horseland – 50,000 visitors per month and over 10 million hits per month. This was done on commodity hardware and Ripe then used this experience to build a farm of web servers that could handle extremely large loads. We now manage servers in two data centres in Mebourne.

30 years project management experience
20 years practical Unix experience: Linux, AIX, HP-UX, Solaris, SCO
5 years formal teaching of Unix to staff (both in-house and client)
3 years experience in the UK as Software Development Manager (Co-Cam Computer Group UK)
2 years experience in Hong Kong as Project Manager (Jardine CMG Asia Life Assurance)
Managed teams from 1 programmer through to 25 programmers on a single project.
Database platforms: Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Informix, Oracle, DB2.

Strong client service focus.

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